Charlie Ingram Shares a FishingTrip with Former President Bush

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Ingram met former President George Bush at a BASS Classic event and later took him fishing. Current President George W. Bush "came along for the ride - and Jr. enjoys fishing more than Sr. does," Ingram related.  The President got a hook in his finger and struggled to get it out. "I will never forget," Ingram recalled. "I didn't want the Secret Service to know because they'd pull him off the boat. It was during the Gulf War. I'm glad he didn't bleed on my boat."

Ingram is a professional fisherman on the BASS and FLW tours. He hosts fishing and hunting shows on Outdoor Life Network and races stock eliminator dragsters in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). Ingram referred to his life as "the perfect redneck weekend."

Professional Fisherman Charlie Ingram
Professional Fisherman Charlie Ingram
His skills are self-taught. He learned hunting and fishing after school in creeks near his Spring Hill, Tennessee, home. He began fishing in tournaments in the late 1970s and soon got in deeper. Today, his tackle box includes four BASS wins, two FLW championships, eight BASS Classic qualifications and a patent application for a lure. "It's a totally unique hook," Ingram said. "It lands most fish that bite it." He tests the lure and others on a lake near his home in Santa Fe, Tennessee.
Ingram figured he spends 250 days a year hunting and fishing. "We do 22 weeks of hunting and 13 weeks of fishing," he said of his television shows, "Hunting University" and "Fishing University." "That's what keeps us in the black," he said. These television appearances grew out of instructional workshops Ingram presented for various lure manufacturers, he said.
Ingram's favorite fishing holes are California and New York for small mouth bass - and "Florida when the weather turns cold," he said. His game includes "everything," he said — quail, deer, turkey and elk. And he'll hunt white-tail deer "everywhere there is one, from Saskatchewan to Mexico and right here in Tennessee," he said.
Ingram especially wants to share his passions with children. In a society that often sees hunting and fishing as dangerous or hostile, he wants to give kids another perspective. He grew up "where having a gun in the truck was just a way of life," he said. "It will take all my theology to answer the question of whether this is good or not. But we have been hunting and fishing since the cavemen, and that's been suppressed. "Kids need accomplishment skills," Ingram continued. "That's the reason, I think, you see so much school violence. I try to give the right perspective (of hunting and fishing) to youth."
Hunting and fishing require patience, Ingram said, but so does drag racing. "At the U.S. Nationals, we had all kinds of problems," he said. "We had to change stuff on the car, and it didn't work. "I get paid to fish and hunt, but it costs me to drag race," he added.
Ingram started racing in college, and "we were into it pretty heavily for about five years," he said. He races five or six times a year now. He holds four Wally class trophies for National Drag Racing. Ingram relies on K&N products for all his passions - in his boats and dragster, in the truck that tows these and in his personal vehicle, too. Ingram estimated he travels 400,000 miles a year towing his boat. With current gas prices, using K&N products is a "no-brainer," he said. "You get in more fishing. "Shoot, I got 'em on everything," he continued. "You can definitely tell the difference. I get 10 to 15 percent better fuel economy by using them."

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