Route 66 Cruisin' Hall of Fame Honors K&N Engineering

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K&N Engineering has been inducted to the Route 66 Cruisin’ Hall of Fame. K&N was recognized for its significant impact in the automotive world, especially as it pertains to the classics, hot rods and antique vehicles.

Jack Brown and Steve Rogers, photo by Route 66 Rendezvous Staff
Jack Brown and Steve Rogers, photo by Route 66 Rendezvous Staff
K&N CEO Steve Rogers, photo by Route 66 Rendezvous Staff
K&N CEO Steve Rogers, photo by Route 66 Rendezvous Staff
We have been involved with K&N in one way or another for years,” said Shelly McNaul, Route 66 Director of Operations. “K&N supports our events and our growth. K&N has always paid attention to the road. It is a natural fit. The Inland car culture is very strong and Route 66 puts it on display in full force.”
Crusin' Hall of Fame Inductees, photo by Route 66 Rendezvous StaffCruisin' Hall of Fame Inductees, photo by Route 66 Rendezvous Staff
Crusin' Hall of Fame Brunch, photo by Route 66 Rendezvous Staff
Crusin' Hall of Fame Brunch, photo by Route 66 Rendezvous Staff

Chief executive officer Steve Rogers received the award on the weekend of the 18th annual Stater Bros. Route 66 Rendezvous at a special Cruisin’ Hall of Fame Ceremony in San Bernardino, California.

Question: What does it mean for K&N to be one of four inductees into the Crusin’ Hall of Fame?
Rogers: “Beyond being just a product for sale, it means the cotton air filter we invented became a major part of the car culture in America because our filters look great and increase horsepower. Now, K&N has been recognized in the Cruisin’ Hall of Fame alongside such names as Hot Rod Magazine, NHRA and the Beach Boys!”

Question: When you received the award of K&N, what was going through your mind?
Rogers: “How fortunate I was to represent the legacy of creative people who made K&N what it is today and after reviewing the names of past inductees, how honored K&N was to be included in such a famous group. I was also thrilled to be introduced by Jack Brown of Stater Bros. Not only is Jack an icon of the Inland Empire, he is personal friend of my Dad’s and Stater Bros. is the title sponsor of the event.”

Question: How does the hot rod culture pertain to K&N?
Rogers: “There were 1700 cars at this event and as I walked around, I saw that vast majority of show cars had a large visible K&N air filter on the top of their engine. People clearly feel that the “look” of a K&N air filter fits right in alongside all the chrome, polish and hard work their car represents.”

Question: How can K&N benefit and give back to the nostalgic atmosphere of Route 66?
Rogers: “We benefit through our association and because these car enthusiasts are our core customers and always have been. They tell everyone else about the quality of our products and why they should buy a washable K&N replacement air filter for their car. The way we try to give back is to participate as a vendor and a sponsor for events all over the country like the Route 66 Rendezvous. A car show, no matter where located is a place we can call home.”

Question: With the experience of semi-profession racers within the company, and the popularity of restoration of hot rods, how do K&N products fit into the overall ambience of Route 66?
Rogers: “Beauty and power, it doesn’t get any better than that. K&N was often the first order of any performance upgrade because our filters could improve horsepower and torque. Next people began to like the way they look so now you see them proudly displayed on show vehicles as for their esthetic appeal and that’s the greatest compliment we’ve every received!”

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