K&N Caught Up with TiLUBE Racing's Tony Wenck Between Supercross Seasons

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Daytona's challenging track doesn't slow down Goerke through the whoops.
Daytona's challenging track doesn't slow down Goerke through the whoops.
TiLUBE racings team of Kawasaki supercross bikes are more than just pretty green machines. TiLUBE has only been involved in the supercross series since 2009 and they are already a considerable force in the sport. Their riders like Matt Boni, Manuel Rivas and Matt Goerke consistently make main events; a feat that some riders will never complete in their entire career. K&N was able to catch up with team manager Tony Wenck between seasons to see what TiLube was up to.

What is Tilube racing? What makes it a team and who does it consist of?
We race to not only showcase our products but to also prove them under true race conditions. We offer products for powersports applications. We have a very high end synthetic as well as petroleum based products. We also produce race fuels that are constantly evolving throughout the race seasons.

How long have you been a team what are some interesting facts on your history?
The team was formed in 2006. TiLUBE Racing started in Arenacross and had some success for a couple years and even won some regional championships in the Lites class.
Matt Boni stays low more time on the ground means more traction.
Matt Boni stays low more time on the ground means more traction.

In 2009 we put together a 250 West Coast Lites program on Honda's with a couple rookie pro riders; Alex Martin and Ben Evans. In 2010 we had Nick Wey and he was eventually picked up to be a fill-in rider on the Monster Kawasaki team for Ryan Villopoto. Ben Evans then took his spot at TiLUBE Racing in the Outdoors on a Kawasaki 450.

In 2011 we started with Matt Boni and Matt Goerke on the 450's again racing Kawasaki's. Goerke was injured right before the season started and TiLUBE had the Spanish Supercross Champion Manuel Rivas fill in. Then Goerke returned and raced with TiLUBE until he had a horrific crash at Jacksonville, FL where he fractured his wrist and pelvis. Then a rider that was a local to us during his amateur days Cody Gillmore stepped in. He did well but it was short lived because of a shoulder injury. Cole Siebler was the fill in rider for the remainder of the season. Meanwhile Matt Boni also had a nasty crash at the Dallas round and compound fractured his tib fib. We then hired Bobby Kiniry to finish the season out on his ride.

It was a challenging year to say the least but we managed to keep two riders on the bikes at each round. We worked very hard to deliver everything we promised to our sponsors. We also have been the co-title sponsor for the last two years of the Babbitts Monster Energy TiLUBE Kawasaki team that has won the Arenacross Championship both years.

What makes Tilube different from other motocross teams out there today?
The thing that makes TiLUBE Racing different is we are the main sponsor in an owner operator situation. TiLUBE is in the race fuel and oil business and all other brands in that category typically sponsor a team. We actually manage and operate the team. We get to see first hand how our products perform and can evaluate them at the highest level of tests. Meanwhile we can showcase our product line at the professional racing level. TiLUBE Racing is a major part of the TiLUBE products advertising campaign. We also sponsor some of the teams we compete against in Supercross.
Another night in the lights. This is the show time for TiLUBE Racing and team manager Tony Wenck.
Another night in the lights. This is the show time for TiLUBE Racing and team manager Tony Wenck.

What types of racing is Tilube involved in?
TiLUBE has motocross riders and teams across the U.S. and Canada using the product.

What are your thoughts on the 2011 supercross season?
It was a challenging year due to all the injuries our riders had. It was a year of learning and growth and having completed it, we are all excited to go racing again in 2012.

What do you have to look forward to for next season?
We are all enthusiasts at TiLUBE and the racing has been nothing less than phenomenal in the entire field. We are excited to be a part of Supercross as our program grows.
Matt Boni pushing his Kawasaki through the rhythm section.
Matt Boni pushing his Kawasaki through the rhythm section.

Not asking you to pick favorites but is there a rider in particular we should watch for next season?
I think Barcia would be awesome to watch if he goes to the 450 full time. I also think Matt Boni has a lot more to offer this season and expect him to be inside the top ten from time to time. Also I believe in Mike Alessi. I think he has more talent than he has shown this past year. On the right program, he is a consistent top five rider, even in Supercross.

What has your experience been using K&N on your supercross bikes?
We have been using K&N filters for several years now. We've tried several systems and always come back to the K&N. It's unbelievable how much more power we can get with them. At the Supercross level you need every advantage you can get. When we dyno our bikes we know exactly what the K&N system produces; Power!

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