2017 Ram 3500 5.7L V8 Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake for 2017 Ram 3500 5.7L V8
  • Designed to bring in cooler air with less restriction for more power
  • Guaranteed power gain
  • Outstanding engine protection
  • Easy installation
  • Oversized high-flow reusable air filter
  • Million Mile Limited Warranty
  • Power gaining products since 1969
A K&N cold air system for the 2017 Ram 3500 completely replaces the factory air filter and intake path with an aerodynamic intake tube and high flow performance air filter. K&N Dodge Ram cold air intakes are backed by the famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty.

Your 2017 Dodge Ram 3500 deserves the best cold air intake available!

2017 Ram 3500 5.7L V8 - All Models
Easy to install. Definitely noticed a better throttle response and the engine noise was awesome from the Hemi 2017 RAM 1500 Sport.
Rikky , Kings Bay, Georgia
Performance Intake Kit
K&N 63-1561
  • High Density Polyethylene Tube
  • Guaranteed to Increase Horsepower
List Price: $519.99
Your Price: USD $286.99
In stock
2017 Ram 3500 5.7L V8 - All Models
Very pleased with my purchase of the K&N Blackhawk Cold Air Intake for my 2015 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi. I have gained around 7hp and roughly a 1 gallon mpg increase. I went with this Intake because of the oil free filter as I didn't want to mess with an oil filter, even though some of the oil CAI systems offered more horse power. For me it wasn't all about HP as my Hemi already has some good get up. I do notice the difference in torque and jump off the line. I have the 8 speed trans so some additional torque was much appreciated. Sounds great. Have to step on a gas a bit to really hear the deep throat sound it offers but I prefer that instead of hearing it while idling. Lastly, love the look of it in my all black Ram. Looks like it came stock on the truck. I do not have an exhaust and after this purchase don't really think I need one. Very happy with my purchase and I recommend this product to anyone looking for a CAI system.
Gabriel Serna, Kingman, Arizona
Performance Intake Kit
K&N 71-1561
  • Black Components
  • Oil-Free Synthetic Air Filter
List Price: $604.99
Your Price: USD $333.99
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2017 Ram 3500 5.7L V8 - All Models
Excellent. Noticed improvement right after install.
Mathew Lundy, Parker, Colorado
Performance Intake Kit
K&N 77-1561KP
  • Free-flowing Aluminum Tube
  • Chrome-Like Finish Intake Tube
List Price: $646.99
Your Price: USD $356.99
In stock