2005 Lexus IS300 3.0L L6 Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake for 2005 Lexus IS300 3.0L L6
  • Designed to bring in cooler air with less restriction for more power
  • Guaranteed power gain
  • Outstanding engine protection
  • Easy installation
  • Oversized high-flow reusable air filter
  • Million Mile Limited Warranty
  • Power gaining products since 1969
A cold air intake will give your 2005 Lexus IS300 3.0 liter L6 more power and better performance. K&N cold air intakes position the air filter for cooler, denser air allowing your Lexus IS300 to perform better!

Your 2005 Lexus IS300 deserves the best cold air intake available!

2005 Lexus IS300 3.0L L6 - All Models
The install took a little longer than I was expecting but going from a Honda to a Lexus IS quite different and I'd use the same method for install if I had to do it again. Kinda bummed out that the cleaning kit did not come with the intake for the price I paid for it, seems like they could have thrown that in. The intake itself has increased a noticeable amount of torque in acceleration . It's a low growl under 2500-3000 rpms but once u hit about 40 mph u can tell the difference and a bit of growling sound that will give your v6 a new place in people's hearts cause they definitely stop and look, it's priceless on the freeway above 60 mph when you have a distance to travel. I would recommend this product to anyone, Thanks K&N!
Jon Harris, Portland, Oregon
Performance Intake Kit
K&N 57-9018
  • High Density Polyethylene Tube
  • Guaranteed to Increase Horsepower
  • 50 State Street Legal
List Price: $548.99
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2005 Lexus IS300 3.0L L6 - All Models
Performance Intake Kit
K&N 69-8700TP
  • Free-flowing Aluminum Tube
  • Chrome-Like Finish Intake Tube
  • 50 State Street Legal
List Price: $576.99
Your Price: USD $317.99
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