K&N Washable Cabin Air Filters

The K&N Washable Cabin Air Filter is the first of its kind designed to replace your vehicle's stock cabin air filter with a washable and reusable version that cleans and freshens incoming air.

K&N Washable Cabin Air Filters

K&N Washable Cabin Air Filter Overview

Washable and reusable
K&N Cabin Air Filters are designed to be cleaned and reused over and over again.
    •   Easy to clean and reuse
    •   Factory fit, pre-treated and ready to install
    •   10 year / 100,000 mile limited warranty

Cleans and freshens incoming air
Using a combination of an advanced synthetic filter media and K&N Refresher™ spray, the K&N Washable Cabin Air Filter grabs and holds dust particles.
    •   Electrostatically charged to capture most mold, mildew, pollen, spores, fungus and germs
    •   Helps control odors


Does your vehicle have a cabin air filter?
Since automotive cabin air filters have only recently been integrated into US automobile AC/heating systems, many vehicle owners do not realize their car is equipped with a cabin air filter. To determine if your vehicle has a cabin air filter you would first check the owner’s manual. You can also inspect the vehicle for the location of the cabin air filter which is typically found in one of these three places:
    •   Under the hood, near the windshield
    •   Underneath the dashboard
    •   Behind the glove compartment

How to replace a cabin air filter
Most cabin air filters can be replaced without tools but some require basic hand tools to open the cabin air filter compartment. Detailed installation instruction sheets and videos are provided on the specific product web page for the filter that matches your vehicle.

Cleaning the K&N Washable Cabin Air Filter
K&N recommends servicing your Washable Cabin Air Filter every 12 months or 12,000 miles. This is similar to the typical recommended replacement interval for a disposable cabin air filter. Cleaning your K&N Washable Cabin Air Filter requires the use of a K&N Refresher Kit by following these simple steps:
    1.   Remove the filter from your vehicle
    2.   Spray the cabin filter cleaner onto the filter
    3.   Rinse the filter with water to remove all dirt
    4.   Dry naturally for 20-30 minutes
    5.   Apply K&N cabin air filter Refresher™ to the filter media
    6.   Re-install the filter back into your vehicle

K&N Cabin Air Filter Refresher Kit

K&N Cabin Air Filter Refresher Kit
Comes with a 12 ounce pump spray bottle of cabin filter cleaner that loosens dirt and road grime from your K&N cabin air filter and helps remove trapped mold, mildew, fungus, allergens, bacteria and other debris from it. Also included is an 8 ounce pump spray bottle of cabin air filter Refresher which increases the electrostatic properties of the cabin air filter helping it to trap contaminants. This long lasting formula helps eliminate the source of most odors and it is made from safe, biodegradable ingredients.

K&N Cabin Air Filter Cleaning Kit 99-6000