2004 Honda Accord 2.4L L4 Air Intake

2004 Honda Accord 2.4L L4 air intake systems from K&N.
  • Guaranteed power gain
  • Easy to install on 2004 Honda Accord with 2.4L engines.
  • High-flow reusable air filter
  • Million Mile Limited Warranty
2004 Honda Accord 2.4 liter L4 performance air intake systems from K&N will give your Honda more power and torque!

Your 2004 Honda Accord deserves the best made power gaining air intake available!

2004 Honda Accord 2.4L L4 - w/o Mass Air, Not CARB exempt for LEV2 SULEV Engines
Performance Intake Kit
K&N 69-1206TP
  • Free-flowing Aluminum Tubes
  • Chrome-Like Finish Intake Tubes
  • 50 State Street Legal
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2004 Honda Accord 2.4L L4 - SULEV
Expensive, but probably worth it. This is pretty much the only intake option for a SULEV accord, and the MAF sensor housing fits perfectly. Installation had a couple sticking points, including the lower mounting bracket just not matching up to the heat shield, but I came up with a workaround. Engine / intake noise at WOT is dramatically increased over the stock airbox and resonator, but it isn't much louder than stock under normal driving, going easy on the throttle and shifting at 3k RPM. Don't expect this one mod to transform your Accord. These engines are detuned and undercammed, so a full list of breathing mods is needed to get decent power. Think of this intake as part of a multiple-upgrade package. By itself, there is only a little more power at higher RPMs available. But this intake really shines when you join it to an [Name Brand] intake manifold / throttle body (it fits the wider TB), headers, high-flow cat, 2.5 exhaust, resonator and high-flow muffler. A tune with [Name Brand] is also needed to get full benefit from all of those mods. K&N customer service was great for me, and they sent me a couple parts that I lost (a bolt & washers) plus a replacement hose that I cut a little too short.
Cameron, Olympia, WA
Performance Intake Kit
K&N 69-1209TS
  • Free-flowing Aluminum Tube
  • Silver Powder Coat Finish Intake Tube
  • 50 State Street Legal
List Price: $470.33
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