K&N Racing Air Filters

K&N Drag Racing Scoop Filters

Now you can protect the motor in your drag car from dust and debris on the track and in the pits with these filters. These units are engineered with two filter elements to provide maximum airflow and protection. Designed to fit specific scoop designs popular to drag racing today.

Inside Scoop Mount Filters

The filters below mount inside the front lip of the scoop and are held in place with Dzus fasteners. Oval dual element filter fits the Harwood™ scoop model 3175-15. Round dual element filter fits the Quarter-Max® hood scoop.


Harwood 3175-15 Scoop Filter

Harwood 3160, 3161, 3164 & 3166 Scoop Filter; Door Car 
(15" Deep)

Harwood 3160, 3161, 3164 & 3166 Scoop Filter (same as 28-4145 except 9-1/8" deep)

Harwood Scoop 3152 Filter; Rail Dragster


Quarter-Max RJF1 Scoop Filter

Harwood Scoop 3182 Filter; Door Car

Quarter-max RJF1 Scoop Filter (same as 28-4140 except 11-5/8" deep); 
Door Car


Don Davis Scoop Filter 10" depth

Don Davis Scoop Filter 6" depth


K&N NHRA Pro Stock Composite Hood Scoop Filter


Base Mount Scoop Filters


Used with K&N Composite NHRA Scoop part # 100-8505, 100-8512
Harwood 3158 Scoop


K&N Racing Cone Filters


These filters are designed for the popular Formula Atlantic and Super Vee style cars, used in racing today. The filters fit into the air scoops and allow plenty of fresh clean air to enter the engine, but keep the small stones, tire dust and other racetrack debris from demolishing the engine. There is a hole at the small end of the filter to allow debris to exit the air scoop. Used by top teams around the country. The filters were designed for the vehicles listed below, but can probably be adapted to a wide variety of applications.

Application  Dimension  Dimension  Dimension  Part #
                 A          B          C             
Sports 2000    5-7/8"       2"        10"     28-4100

Racing Cars    5-7/8"       2"         8"     28-4105

Sport 2000     5-1/2"       2"        16"     28-4115

83-85 Tiga 
Sport 2000     6-1/8"       3"        16"     28-4120

Ralt Formula 
Super Vee      4-7/8"       2"        16"     28-4125

Sport 2000     5-3/4"       2"        16"     28-4130

for 28-4130      8"       4-7/8"     11-5/8"  28-4131